What Makes a Good Sewing Machine Technology

Thinking what is the best sewing machine for your skill type?

sewing machinePrior to getting yourself a sewing machine, you should seriously know your needs and your current sewing skill level. Also you might want to consider your future growth with improved skills would you find a machine a right fit then too.

If your plan is to learn sewing then think of a second hand sewing machine that will cost way lesser than a new one. You have to physically try it out first to ensure the machine still works.

Or you can spend a couple hundred dollars on a quality sewing machine which has built-in features and functions that make sewing easy.

Usually an higher end sewing machine can get the done at an even faster rate with advanced functions like programmable stitch functions.

Good thing about modern computerized sewing machines is that they produce high grade output with the help of some settings. These sewing machines are capable of adjusting the stitch style, length, and thread tension with minimal intervention from the user.

Where to buy the sewing machine?

You can start with well known brands like the brother, singer, janome, bernina, etc. I suggest you refer to the unbiased and verified sewing machine reviews to learn what other customers think about their machine. Do read other people’s feedback before making a final call on your shopping decision.

A local shop near you will sell the unit at a higher cost to cover their operating expenses of their business. But one advantage is that they do service sewing machines if in case there is some issue with it anytime in the future.

Your job is to find out whether the shop is an authorized dealer or not.

Check for offers and type of warranty.

The warranty could either be on parts, labor, etc. So ask the seller to provide complete details about the warranty. Also inquire about offers, some sellers offer a discount when you exchange your old sewing machine for a new one.

Christmas is again a good time to look out for a sewing machine, because here you find plenty of deals on almost every model.
Whether you are going to get a beginner level sewing machine or an advanced machine, just keep the following tips in mind.

Important Features in a Good Sewing Machine.

Automatic Buttonhole Stitch

This is my favorite feature in a sewing machine, you just place a button on to a slot and in just one go the sewing machine sews the button. All this is done without the user having to manually reverse the fabric to get that cross shape across the button to hold it tight.

Feed-Dog Adjustment

feed controlWhen you want to do embroidery you can just adjust the feed dog and start with your embroidery work.

Good Foot Controls

Test the presser foot controls with thin fabric and thick fabric like denim, with both the fabric the sewing machine shouldn’t halt. The control mechanism should be user friendly with adjustable settings, with clear icons and instructions to use them.


If you are planning to use the sewing machine once in a while or do carry it around when you travel then lightweight makes a difference.

Needle Position

Look for sewing machine that allows you to change the needle position from right to left and vice versa along with the standard up and down needle movement.

Built-in Stitches

built in stitches

You need two essential stitches the straight stitch and the zig-zag stitch. But usually, the sewing machines ship with more than what you will actually use in real life sewing projects.

Tension Adjustment

If the thread tension adjustment is not right then a tight tension will cause puckering and lose tension might lead to improperly sewn stitches.

Top Load Panel for Bobbin

With improved technology now you can know when the bobbin is need of more thread. Also the bobbin case now is positioned at the top in a way that is easy to load and unload.

Needle Threader

Threader is a very handy feature and no more frustration while passing a thread through the eye of the needle.

Presser Feet

presser footSome manufacturers offer more than one presser feet. The standard presser feet is enough for simple sewing projects, but for more specialized or repetitive tasks other presser feet are recommended.

The adjustable presser feet will hold the fabric firmly to prevent puckering. As you learn more sewing skills you would want to use dozens of other presser foot too.feed dog

Adjustable Speed Control

How fast do you want to the cloth to feed into the sewing machine? Well this is done with the help of speed control. Imagine doing a stitch without having to stop a dozen time, well thank the adjustable speed control.

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Technology Behind Power Washers

Pressure washing is an efficient way to clean your house without breaking your back. When you follow the right instructions and do it right, then you get a chance to give your house that new look back to it.

While cleaning the house with a pressure washer might be efficient but one has to take care of the high pressure water jet. The sheer pressure can damage exteriors if you don’t handle them properly.pressure washing services

The house is under constant attack from dirt and sunlight which accumulates overtime diminishing the beauty of your house. Not only does the look of the house decrease but also the valuation too.

In order to maintain the house with a good look and keep the valuation constant you need to regularly clean it. With your busy schedule a power washing is the only choice that is efficient and fast.

Good news is that power washing will remove the dirt as well as any mold growth too. You don’t have to worry when using it on vinyl, metal or concrete except wood.

This is the reason why power washing experts recommend you to check what type of material is used in the siding of the house.

Instructions to Clean Your House Exteriors

When you are cleaning from the outside there is a good chance for water to enter into house so keep the windows and doors closed.

  1. Turn off the power supply of the house until finish washing.
  2. Cover any sensitive or fragile accessories like decorative lights or else the high pressure might damage them.
  3. Never blast water on to the damaged areas. If you have to do it at any cost then fix them before cleaning.
  4. Cut bushes that are touching the house so that you have clear space to clean.
  5. The detergents that we are going to use in the power washer will damage the patio furniture so relocate them to a safe place.

We recommend using the best electric pressure washer for home use around 900psi to 1500psi since we are cleaning the house.

How To Use The Power Washer Technology for Cleaning?

Depending on the building material you can choose power washer with an higher range of psi. But bear in mind the higher the psi the higher will be the pressure which might damage the surface if don’t handle them properly.

  1. Now pour a quality detergent in the solution chamber.
  2. Now test the pressure by connecting the water tap hose to the equipment and spraying a small amount of water onto your hand or to the ground.
  3. Maintain minimum viable pressure that is enough to get rid of the dirt from house.
  4. Professionals recommend starting from one side of the house and move on to the next. Make sure you have enough sunlight for quick drying.
  5. Now start with cleaning, spray water on to the ground and wait till you see detergent diluted solution flows out.
  6. Next spray the solution on to the house from bottom to top.
  7. Focus the jet spray on the area where you see visible dirt and move to next spot when the dirt is removed.
  8. Do this for the complete exterior surface of the house.

You can refer to this guide for deep cleaning using a pressure washer.

Rinse with water

  1. Start spraying water from the top to bottom.
  2. Position the nozzle at tangential angel to the wall of the house.
  3. Spray water horizontally and evenly to remove soap from earlier wash.

Let the house dry in the sun for a few hours and later you can put back all the patio furniture in place. Remove the cover from light bulbs and restore power supply to the house.

If you think all this work is too much of an hassle then try professional washers who will do it for you.

Computerized Sewing Machine: How To Use it

Learn how a computerized sewing machine works and how to use it. Many yesteryear sewers don’t know how to use a computerized sewing machine and these machines are here to stay which makes it a should learn skill for all.

Hope the following video will outline the basics of using a computerized machine.


Don’t worry everything seems to be new initially but as you learn one feature at a time then you are going to get comfortable with it. But you have to practice daily to get an hang of the machine.

I know mechanical sewing machines are much more easier to you, but with changing time and added features that come with modern sewing machines is worth learning.

Do try it out and let us know what you think? Does it make any difference sewing a mechanical versus computerized version.

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