A thriving culture notorious for its art and music, it only makes sense that delicious brews would soon follow. Washington has slowly emerged as an absolute force in the artisan craft beer industry, which has taken the west coast by storm and its best breweries speak for themselves.

Narrowing the list to 10 wasn’t easy, so see what made these destinations breweries good enough to make the cut.

Name: Schooner Exact Brewing Co
Location: Seattle
Favorite Beer: ISE Kadoya Collab IPA

We very much consider Schooner to be a great local hangout. What better way to get a feel for Seattle culture? It features a good-sized venue fit for parties of all sizes but is compact enough for a cozy appeal. You can also find some great happy hour and app deals that make it fun and affordable.

Name: Seapine Brewing Company
Location: Seattle
Favorite Beer: Sea Witch Milk Stout

We love Seapine for its fun and inviting atmosphere (and their delicious beer too, of course)! The kid and pet-friendly taproom offers a calm and laid back energy that complements their wide selection of beers. We’re particularly fond of their stouts due to their perfect harmony of flavor and consistency.

Name: Bale Breaker Brewing
Location: Yakima
Favorite Beer: Bottomcutter IPA

For the feel of the great outdoors, we strongly suggest you pay Bale Breaker a visit. The farm-inspired venue is on a wide-open plot of land that resembles a large barn. As fun and unique as the location is, we get even more excited about the beers they make. As good as their year-long beers are, they’ll always excite you with awesome seasonal blends.

Name: Optimism Brewing Company
Location: Seattle
Favorite Beer: Wee Mighty

The one thing that stood out about Optimism was the really wide variety of beers. Sure, the taproom was nice, more or less run of the mill, but we decided to choose Optimism because of the palate. This is particularly special because anyone who likes beer of any kind will find something new to enjoy, from light beer people to those who enjoy barrel-aged treats.

Name: Chuckanut Brewery
Location: Bellingham
Favorite Beer: Dunkel Lager

Chuckanut is an (almost) European-themed brewery/food stop that is well-known in the area for its award-winning beer. Like the theme, much of the beer is inspired by German, Irish and English (among many other) traditions, giving it a nice niche and a unique experience.

Name: Machine House Brewery
Location: Seattle
Favorite Beer: Spelt IPA (B-Day Beer)

Machine House Brewery is perhaps one of our favorite spots to visit during the summer. It’s like the brewery version of a picnic, you can bring dogs, kids, and your own food. They have a nice selection of year-round beers, as well as seasonal specials that never disappoint. Not a big beer person? They usually have local cider available too, making it a fun spot in the fall as well.

Name: Stoup Brewing
Location: Seattle
Favorite Beer: Fabulous IPA

One of the more well-known breweries in Seattle, Stoup prides itself on delicious scientifically conjured beers and an energetic atmosphere to match. The excitement surrounding beer (brewing and drinking) is evident from the staff, which is the kind of place that we always find to be very exciting. You can hang out and drink at the taproom, or relax outside and grab something to eat from the food truck.

Name: Populuxe Brewing Company
Location: Seattle
Favorite Beer: Populuxe IPA

Populuxe is a smaller establishment, which usually means two things: they like to specialize and they pay A LOT of attention to quality. Both are true in this case and we’re totally on board. Because they’re a smaller name, they focus more on local fun like trivia, so it’s a cool place to just hang out once in a while. There are usually really good food trucks in the afternoon too and they rotate so it’s different every time.

Name: Ghostfish Brewing Company
Location: Seattle
Favorite Beer: Kick Step IPA

A truly beautiful and modern brewery, Ghostfish resembles something of a trendsetter in the artisan craft beer industry. Their beers and food are gluten-free, which set off a new style of brewing and honestly, you wouldn’t know the difference. It’s also a great spot for lunch or brunch with places to sit outside right in the city.

Name: https://propolisbrewing.com/
Location: Port Townsend
Favorite Beer: Salah Ale

If you like a good ale, you’ll LOVE Propolis Brewing! They have a huge variety of farmhouse and barrel-aged ales, all with super unique feels and aromas. Their large venue can hold tons of people and is considered one of the best spots to “sample” organic-like brews. Their beer takes a while to make and you can taste it.