The evolution of technology is changing… well, everything. Among “everything” is televisions. Today’s smart TV’s now do much more than channel surfing. They’re now capable of browsing the web, installing apps, some are even capable of playing video games. Wild, right?

But as with anything, there are trade-offs. So is buying a smart TV worth it? We’ll lay out the pros and cons so you can decide.

Pro #1: All-In-One Entertainment

With various capabilities, smart TVs can just about do it all without the need for third-party devices – all accessible with a single remote. This is especially beneficial with the rise of new streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock and so much more.

Con #1: More Possibilities For Things to Go Wrong

Just as with any home appliance, vehicle, or product with “bells and whistles”, the more features it has, the more things can potentially go wrong. In some cases, feature malfunctions can impact the TV itself, forcing the question “was it worth it”?

…plus, you need a solid internet connection, either through WiFi or ethernet.

Pro #2: Seamless Convenience

TV is at its best when you’re bored… so what better feeling than to have a plethora of options? In addition to streaming services and such, most smart TVs also have additional apps that you would have otherwise had on your phone.

Con #2: Cost

Depending on the brand and the design, you could be spending considerably more on a smart TV. From there, it’ll come down to how often you’re using the “smart” features and decide whether or not it’s worth the additional charges.

A fun tip? If you decide not to buy a smart TV, you can always invest in a third-party entertainment device such as the Apple TV or Roku. You can find one at your local electronics store!

And the real con here? Most of these third-party entertainment devices cost less than the difference you’re paying for a smart TV. So in other words, you can spend an additional 300 dollars or so for a smart TV or $50 – $100 for a third-party device that you can just hook up to a conventional TV.