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There are a number of ways you can search for people’s phone numbers and it’s not surprising that Google is a big one. This is especially the case considering that Google is the world’s dominant search engine and is the main source that people use for accessing new information.

Fortunately for many, it’s become easy to perform a reverse phone lookup on Google (for free). Phonebook Search Operator was literally created for people that had interest in looking up specific phone numbers, giving users the freedom they feel they deserve. However, before we go too deep into Phonebook Search Operator, we should probably go into how you can do a Google phone number lookup today.

What’s The Update on Google’s Recent Service?

As easy as the Phonebook Search Operator is for so many people, it also had its share of problems for both the people using the service and Google’s very own employees. This was an on-going event that may have felt even longer than it actually was. At the end of the day, Google employees were getting sick of dealing with angry letter after angry letter, followed by taking down requests on what ended up becoming a regular basis that was costing them a lot of time and energy.

At the time, all users would have to do was enter the person’s name and address information, then they would be able to see their phone number if it was in their database. As this service came to an end, it opened the door for other free (and paid) phone number lookup services, which started to surface.

The Different Ways You Can Do A Google Phone Number Lookup

When it comes to doing your Google phone number lookup, you’re going to have to take a look at a couple of things.

  • Find out someone’s phone number.
  • Find out who this number belongs to.

Here we will describe how you can achieve both via Google!

Find out someone’s phone number
Step One: Go to Google.com
Step Two: Enter the name of the person (or business) and their affiliated address details like their state, city, and zip code. A good example would be: John Doe 10005 or John Doe New York, New York.
Step Three: Review your results and determine if you have found the correct person’s phone number

Find out who the phone number belongs to

Step One: Go to Google.com
Step Two: Enter the correct phone number you want to find with the area code. A good example would be 1234567891 or 123-456-7891.
Step Three: View and determine if your results correctly match up with a person or business who is appearing in multiple results

When you conduct the above search strategies, you never really know what is going to happen, so don’t get your hopes too high. More times than not, the phone number will either not be updated, or just not in the database at all. Also, note that private phone numbers will be less likely to appear in Google searches.

In The Event Of An Emergency, You Can Go The Paid Route!

If a free version of a phone number lookup service with Google isn’t quite cutting it, you can always turn to a paid service. Kiwi Searches is a perfect example! It allows you to search for someone’s phone number, address, and name to get more background information about them. Your first search can be as low as $0.95, making it an extremely low risk. Naturally, paid services like Kiwi will increase your chances of finding what you’re looking for, but try the free route first!