Like Tea? These Blends Are Ideal For All Tea Drinkers

Along with coffee, tea is a leading beverage for people all around the world. Let’s start with the difference between teas because many just think “tea is tea” and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In truth, tea is broken down into 7 main categories, then each category is broken further into a subcategory. We’ll break them down below!

Black Tea

Black tea is seen as the standard in America and is often served with a higher concentration of caffeine.

English Breakfast: Often a mix between Indian and Indonesian black tea leaves, English Breakfasts classic taste dates back to the 19th century. Many start with English Breakfast as one of their first black teas.

English Afternoon: You can think of English Afternoon as “English Breakfast Lite”. By that, we mean it has a lighter, more refreshing feels with the same general taste and feel as it’s parent brew. Many like to have this, oddly in the afternoon as a “pick me up” after having something a little darker in the morning.

Breakfast Assam: A nice, smooth and malty tea is an excellent choice for a cold day. We like to think of it as a rich chai tea, making it almost like a hybrid between the two worlds.

Ceylon Burning Sun: This critically acclaimed breakfast blend is known for having depth to its flavor. It can be hard to find at times, but many agree that it’s worth the journey. The taste has aged aroma mixed with hints of fruit that make for an excellent morning brew.

Earl Grey: You can’t go wrong with some Earl Grey. The powerful flavor with moderate levels of caffeine makes for what we consider a standard (along with English Breakfast). Because of its popularity, we find that Earl Grey tends to vary a little more in flavor and style than other teas, which makes trying new blends even more fun.

Lady Grey: Think of Earl Grey with a slight hint of citrus. No, not one of those orange teas, but just a faint twist that makes it a great choice for mixing up your morning routine.

Irish Breakfast: This (ironically) Indian blend is known for its high concentration of caffeine, which is especially helpful for those groggy mornings. Irish Breakfast is among our favorites and is one that we often prefer to drink straight. It’s like the espresso of tea.

Empire Keemun: Empire Keemun is allegedly the tea that started the opium wars in 19th-century China. The rich, powerful flavor is a favorite by many.

Black Pearl: The smooth (but powerful) Black Pearl is extremely popular among avid tea drinkers. It’s seen as the perfect balance between bold and sweet with a hint of molasses and fruit.

Roasted Chestnut: This dark, nutty blend just screams “holiday season” to us. It’s a really nice feel during the cold weather with a featured flavor of silky, nutty sweetness that we just find irresistible.

Dark Tea

Served mostly in Asia, Dark tea has a sweet aroma with an herbal feel. The selection is fairly limited, considering.

Dark Rose: Dark Rose offers a full, but smooth taste with an almost dusty rose aroma that gives the blend its name and overall identity. It’s very popular in China and is known for being rich in antioxidants.

Anhua Dark: This modern tea has similar features to Dark Rose but takes its own course. Anhua features a sweeter, almost lighter feel to other dark teas with an aroma that changes a little as it ages.

Hunan Silk: The smooth as silk tea has a fruity kick and is used for iced tea almost as often as it is for hot. Its floral aromas make it pleasant, especially for spring mornings.

Oolong Tea

Oolong is like a hybrid between black and green tea. They give mosaic vibes with fruity aromas that are great for any time of the day.

Blue Beauty: Blue Beauty is another tea that is not popular in the west and is predominantly served in China. The sweet, yet floral blend is an Oolong favorite.

Brandy Oolong:

Brandy has many meanings and in this case, it means a strong tea with a smooth fruity taste.

Golden Dawn:

A black tea with some green that has quite a unique taste. The sweet taste and silky feel turn into a delicious morning brew.

High Mountain: What’s mild, smooth and has a creamy feel? High Mountain! This is made in Taiwan and is hard to find, so if you do – give it a shot!

Milk Oolong: Milk Oolong is like a tea’s coffee, but with a soft, creamy taste. This is probably the best Oolong for a cold winter morning.

Green Tea

Green tea is mild in taste and low in caffeine but makes up for it with their antioxidants.

Apple Chai: A sweet apple tea with a touch of spice that is perfect in the summer.

Bamboo Leaf: Bamboo Leaf is a good lunch tea that is made from vegetables. It has a mild taste. So it goes well with just about anything (best with sandwiches, though).

Sencha: Its flavor resembles sweet grass and it’s pretty hydrating.

White Tea

White tea is similar to green but has more of a natural sweetness to it. It’s hard to find, so when you do, give it a shot.

Happy White Plum: The White Plum is high in minerals and almost seems like mineral water.

Silver Needles: This Asian blend is ideal for the spring. It also has a sweet and silky feel, which is great for lunch!

White Mango Ginger: The White Mango Ginger is like a tropical tea with a touch of spice. It’s good hot and cold, making it the ultimate tea for any season!

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