Winter is approaching, which means it’s starting to get cold and when it gets cold, people want to travel somewhere nice and warm. The truth is, there are tons of warm places to visit, but where are the best places to go? Between beautiful weather and fun things to do, we have some of the top destinations that are ideal for your preference in temperature and budgets.

Barcelona, Spain

Talk about things to do – Barcelona has more than beaches. The city is beautiful with its classic gothic design and there are so many land and water attractions that you’ll never be able to do it all. Even if you want to stray from the 20-something beaches, you can embrace the history of the city. Go Barcelona futbol!


Barbados has never been as easy (or affordable) to get to than it is today! Jetblue now has a direct flight from Boston! The white sand beaches and incredibly blue seas are covered with gorgeous palm trees. There are a couple of nice places to eat and drink along the water. What more can you want?

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is the ideal scene for those tropical calendars. The breathtaking views are enough to win over the hearts of so many guests and the animals only make it more incredible. The giant sea turtles are among the favorite attractions, then thera are the pre-Columbian Mayan ruins. There is so much history, all accessible for less than $10! Finish your trip with some fun aquatic adventures and delicious drinks/meals at their well-known bars and restaurants.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Possibly one of the best and most fairly priced destinations for just relaxing. In addition to the beautiful white sand and clear water, beaches are excellent bars and restaurants. These include bars with incredible service, all for an affordable price. You’ll probably pay more in travel than anything.

Catalina Island, California

There’s a reason Catalina is growing in popularity and that’s because of its natural beauty and general convenience. Just about an hour from California’s Pacific coast is a beautiful destination with all of the aquatic exploration opportunities you can handle. Have you seen a sea lion up close? They’re just one wonder that can be experienced in the wonderful island of Catalina.

The Bahamas

Who wouldn’t love a trip to the Bahamas? Just a short trip from Florida, you can be lounging in just a few hours. If you enjoy exploring (especially in the water), this is your spot. People always rave about the snorkeling! Seeing the sea creatures in such clear water is a sight to see!

Caladesi Island, Florida

Considered one of the United States’ remaining “secret islands”, Caladesi has 3 miles of sandy beaches. There are no cars or hotels, so its reachable via ferry for a day of fun, which is great for complimenting other Floridian-based vacations.

San Diego, California

Arguably the best and most consistent weather year-round, San Diego offers an abundance of fun for all visitors! There are tons of amazing beaches that are great for anything from lounging to surfing, fun stores, trails and let’s not forget the zoo! This trip is perfect for families.

Las Vegas, Nevada

What could be a better party spot than Sin City itself? Between the casinos and live entertainment (not to mention the fact that the Golden Knights are now there and the Raiders are coming). You can be in Vegas for a whole week and do something different every day, all casinos on the strip are tons of fun, with some of them being more affordable than you might suspect! Let’s not forget that you can drink ANYWHERE on the strip!


Panama is arguably the most underrated winter destination, as it tends to fly under the radar. It might be a little more difficult to get to Panama because of the smaller demand, but can be so worth it upon arrival. Fewer people means a more exclusive and memorable experience, which can be shared with your friends and family. People view the beaches as a fun alternative to more common destinations, especially if you’ve already visited places like Cancun.

Puerto Rico

Even after the devastating Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico still stands as one of the top vacation destinations. Affordable resorts are all over and there’s a list of fun things to do for vacations of any length. The beaches are absolutely gorgeous and the convenience of not needing a passport (for Americans) is just another perk that makes Puerto Rico an ideal destination for winter vacations.

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys presents a list of fun destination, but together makes up the best place to escape the cold weather. With over 120 miles of land, “the keys” is well-known as a fun party destination for people of all ages, though heavily occupied by younger, college-aged people. Also known as an affordable alternative to some other vacation spots, there are so many fun things to do all with consistent weather. When it rains, it’s not for long, letting you spend the rest of your time on the beach, or in the water.