The NFL has been explosive and as unpredictable as ever and we think this is a trend that will continue for at least another two years. This is because no one team has looked dominant, and the teams that make a case haven’t been able to sustain their success the way analysts have predicted. We don’t have the answers, we don’t “know” who’s going to win it all, but we do know which teams will make an impact and which will be fun to watch for. With training camps done, preseason in the works, and the first Football Sunday on its way, you can get set and take a look at the NFL teams you should watch for in 2018!

The Jacksonville Jaguars

Predicted Outcome: Division Champs
Overview: We see a lot of improvement from the Jaguars. Their defense is very strong with crazy depth behind Calais Campbell and Yannick Ngakoue. Following the brilliant leadership of Tom Coughlin, the team looks to be heading in a positive direction.

There is a lot of talk surrounding their QB, Blake Bortles and whether or not they need to trade for an upgrade. We’re not convinced that Blake won’t demonstrate better numbers than he has in the past and even if he plays par for the course, he will be supported by a stronger defense which will make every touchdown and field goal count for more!

The New York Giants

Predicted Outcome: Division Champs
Overview: Coming off arguably the most disappointing (and depressing) season of the franchise, the New York Giants will have something to prove in 2018. The addition of RB, Saquon Barkley will add a whole new dimension to their offense and take some pressure off QB Eli Manning and their struggling offensive line.

This new dynamic will almost ensure that their top defense will not be wasted because they will certainly score more than they did last year, we just don’t know by how much just yet. A healthy Odell Beckham Jr and Sterling Shepard should keep teams busy and with a potentially more protected Eli Manning, we expect longer drives and (at the very least) more possession time. This will not only offer more opportunities for points but also keep their defense healthier and better positioned for the full season.

The Oakland Raiders

Predicted Outcome: Division Champs
Overview: The return of Jon Gruden is highly anticipated and he will be tasked with making a good team into a great team. QB Derek Carr will look to stay healthy and continue his impressive on-field performance, while the team will look to improve the impact of newly acquired RB “Beast mode” Marshawn Lynch.

This might be a bold prediction, because there are many that are looking for the Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Chargers to have big seasons and fight for the division. We personally don’t think Jon Gruden will have THAT big of an impact (we think he’s kind of overrated), but instead think Derek Carr is going to have a year that will turn the team around. Premier spinal decompression will do the job and if this happens, it will all come down to Carr staying healthy, so their team has a rock to lean on.

The Houston Texans

Predicted Outcome: Wildcard
Overview: The new team of many Quarterbacks will be a powerful force, regardless of who leads their offense. Of course, we know Deshaun Watson will be the man for the job, though we should get to the defense. The return of J.J Watts will surely make a huge impact and turn 2017s good defense into a great one.

The Minnesota Vikings

Predicted Outcome: Division Champs
Overview: Adding Kirk Cousins will move the Minnesota Vikings up quite a few pegs. While we do like Teddy Bridgewater and think he will do well on the Jets, we can only praise the Vikings new acquisition. Seriously, with their all-powerful defense and depth in special teams, a franchise quarterback is the one thing they were missing and now they have it. Cousins will elevate the performance of the entire offense and patch up the one flaw we saw. Watch out, NFC North!

The San Francisco 49ers

Predicted Outcome: Wildcard
Overview: Jimmy Garoppolo’s first full season will be interesting to watch, especially with a team like the 49ers. The 49ers haven’t had a strong and consistent quarterback since a young Colin Kaepernick and that will give their offense some stability and an opportunity for their receivers to get comfortable. The signing of Richard Sherman in addition to a potential elite quarterback will also provide a nice defensive boost that will make the first good season to watch since 2012.

The Los Angeles Rams

Predicted Outcome: Division Champs
Overview: After making an absolute splash in 2017, the entire league will be watching what the LA Rams accomplish this season. The sturdy balance will keep the Rams a team to beat, with no significant weaknesses in sight. We also anticipate a big season from running back, Todd Gurley.