Many would be fashionistas still flock to the pages of Vogue, or YouTube for video of the latest collections by top designers. What is odd is that for most of us our lives and budgets cannot accommodate designer garments priced in the stratosphere (or should we say “status-sphere?”). While is is widely-known that urban streetwear heavily influences the clothes seen on the runways, their interpretation can inspire some of our wardrobing choices. If you plan to make a major clothing purchase, such as a coat, fashion boots, or even a wedding gown this year, here are some of the au courant features to be aware of:

Perennial Plaid

Plaid is seldom out of style, but this year trad-plaid steps aside. For Fall 2018 plaid is amped to include outsized stripes and vivid colors. Seen mostly in outerwear, these investment pieces might prove a tad bit loud in a few seasons, so if you buy for the long term, consider more subdued colorations.

It’s a Jungle in Here!

Like plaid, animal prints, specifically jungle, are having a moment. Also as with plaid, the patterns are more graphic, and the colors exceptionally bright. This is great news if your faux leopard coat has seen better days. Or, you can double your pleasure with a special occasion dress in silk knit. What about pink cheetah?

If 80’s Pop Songs

…are the soundtrack of your life, you are gonna love the 1980s revival over the next year! Material girl high kitten heels and shoulders from another zip code, abstract floral prints, raglan sleeves, color-blocked solids, and did anyone say, ‘outsize’? Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Annie get your fun because sweeping long skirts, calico prints, embroidery (it’s not just for Boho anymore), Victorian sleeves, and wovens are having their day in the sun. Be sure to pair with a substantial pair of low-heeled leather boots to provide the appropriate amount of swagger as you stride down the sidewalk en route to the office.

Oversized Shoulder Bags

Not to be confused with double-handled totes, or crossbodies, the handbag du jour is a shoulder bag. And the larger the better. Many designers are giving this look ‘legs’ by including a second pair of handles, making it easy to convert this investment piece into a tote bag when its popularity wanes, or the wearer’s chiropractor visits become too frequent!

Bright Eyes

Another accessory trend is colored lenses for sunglasses. Whether subtle or bright, the aim is to banish brown, gray, or black lenses for a time and to conquer UV rays with an inner glow of your own! Frames BTW, are primarily wire or subtle, thin solid color plastic to allow lenses top billing.

Binky, Binky, Binky

Seen on the runways, and likely to mainstream as oversized ski wear (think snowboarding attire from the 90s) is the Blanket Coat. While the concept lends itself best to sports apparel, major designers such as Pucci and Balenciaga showed this look as elegant evening wear.

So Long Neon

Say hello to iridescent! If you’ve ever been fascinated by an oil spill in a puddle, then you’ll understand the concept. What is not easy to grasp is why anyone would want to sport this look, but there are subtle interpretations among the garish statements seen for Fall 2018. For a toned-down version of this look, try two-toned taffeta in an evening skirt, not an entire outfit. Remember, more outre looks can make the wearer resemble a refugee from the circus. Incorporate any extreme trend into a more refined silhouette for maximum impact.

Womens Wear

It has only taken over a 150 years, and doubtless influenced by Madonna, but man-tailored suits are receiving a decidedly feminine outlook. While most of the looks seen on the runway are too revealing for office wear, some of the details that highlight the feminine form such as pinched waists are a welcome change. For occupations that require women to wear suits or suit jackets, look for solid colors, in white, charcoal, or black, interpreted with contrasting tie belts in soft leather.


This is a color any woman can wear, however, it is usually available in small doses, such as in an accessory. For Fall 2018 through 2019, Fuchsia is the color of the moment, widely interpreted on runways in the U.S. and Europe as outerwear. If fuchsia is your color (it is for this author) then prepare to break the bank. This is your year to stock up on your favorite hue!

One takeaway to remember is that fashion is a business. To inspire repeat business the often garish runway looks will be reinterpreted by mass-market designers. Expect to see dilute versions of this Fall and next Spring’s styles appearing in Kohl’s, Macy’s, J.C. Penny and other popular retailers soon. The hologram oil-slick look may reappear as a backpack for school children, or a pocket on a hoodie sized for Juniors. The Prairie look will have wide appeal with tweens and soccer moms, and female attorneys can look forward to suits without severe man-tailoring, and perhaps, more feminine tailoring. For those considering the purchase of a winter coat that features a giant canary yellow plaid, appears to have been made from a comforter, or is screaming, ‘look at me I’m fuchsia’, here as with most extreme fashion statements, let your lifestyle and your wallet be your guide!