You’ve wanted to visit Las Vegas for a long time and finally, that week is on the horizon. As you book your stay, consider how you’ll spend your days…Just a minute- the slots and tables cannot fully occupy your time. You have to eat. Hotels, even hotel buffets can quickly add up. Just what are your Sin City options? In this article, we’ll quickly cover how singles, couples, even families can dine out together without resorting to a $5 limit per head at the drive-up window!

Many visitors to Las Vegas are dazzled by the bright lights and unique architecture at some of the casinos. Sticker shock quickly sets in as they review menus online. Unless you are a whale, a high-roller upon whom the casino staffers dance attendance, room service is out. Many hotels offer a discount on their buffets, but true gourmands quickly tire of steam table entrees and the monotony of waiting on long lines just to eat. Some visitors never experience daylight, and that’s a shame. This desert oasis has much to offer in the way of dining destinations, most on Las Vegas Boulevard (of broken dreams); some are off the beaten track. Here are the top choices for dining out in Las Vegas, without spending all of your winnings!

Ramen Katanaya

San Franciscans know this spot well, it originated on their home turf. A satellite establishment opened just a stroll from Lake Como’s Dancing Fountains. How cool is that? And who doesn’t like ramen? Nobody. And where else can you dine quickly and well for under $10? Low prices, variety, and fresh ingredients are the draw. Understandably this tiny dive can get crowded and the wait times long, but learn to eat just before or after the rush and you’ll be just fine.

Urban Turban

Quality Indian eats in the desert. Fresh veggies and proteins, spicy or mild menu options again, classic entrees cooked to order. You’ll dine like rajahs for under $10 a head.

Yard House

East coast visitors will be looking for a deli lunch and Yard House is happy to comply. They offer a half sammie or pizza with soup or salad for under $10, a beer brings the total tab up to $15. For a taste of home with a spin on it- their Caesar salad is made with the green of the moment kale (next year it will be mustard greens, you heard it first) as well as that old fave- the turkey club this is the place for you!

Five50 at Aria

The title comes from the price of a slice at this takeout counter so ‘how much’ should not be an issue. These pies are artisanal and the slices minuscule but you won’t mind. A pizza addiction is a real thing and so are these pies!


If you have the kids in tow (why? why?) Bruxie is your destination. There’s a kid’s menu, and if you have to shove something into them in the afternoon, Bruxie’s frozen custard and/or waffle fries will do the trick. Be sure and try their Chicken and Waffle sandwich for under $10. You’re welcome!

Again, if you brought the next generation with you, or should you eat clean, The Juice Standard is your kinda place. Found inside the Cosmopolitan, expect fresh and bottled juices, avocado toast, and pudding made from chia seeds. Ala cart options range from $7 to $15. Fresh. Ain’t. Cheap.

Shake Shack

Another beacon of familiarity on the strip here’s a sight for sore eyes when you are craving a burger and a shake. Their malteds are superior offerings and the burgers, topped with your choice of options is less than $7. For real. It’s hard to spend more than $15 a person and your wallet will thank you.

Hash House a Go Go

Brunch for $15 per person, prepared while you wait, an extensive menu with every protein and carb-laden breakfast treat imaginable, and portions that would satisfy a lumberjack. Off the Strip on Sahara Avenue with nary a wait line. You’ll like it here!

Yup. In our quest to find something for everyone, consider this Downtown Vegas hideaway. It features jackfruit tacos, cauliflower masquerading as chicken, and a whistlestop tour from Thailand through the Azores on its menu. Hard to spend more than $12 here and that’s gravy!

Possibly coming to a strip mall near you in the near future, in Las Vegas, the darling indie cuisine of the moment is Korean Mexican. Go for it. KoMex is healthy, spicy, and deeply satisfying. If you like to keep your tacos and burritos pure, the restaurant offers separate Korean and Mexican menus. The most expensive item on either is $10 and it’s all freshly prepared.

When it’s time to graduate from McDonald’s, try In N Out Burger. Their burgers are made from fresh beef and cost less than fast-food chain hockey pucks, that’s why. A solid, if not nutritious meal can be had for under $10. Num, num!

Haute Doggery

Lest you think we prefer cats, I mean burgers, over dogs, here is an upmarket version of everyone’s favorite bite. Insite, the Linq these dogs are named for celebrities and include tube steaks made from high-grade Kobe beef. Oh, and no item is over $8. Eat hearty!


Here the majority of menu options cater to those with special dietary requirements such as gluten-free, vegan, low carb, etc. It does not forget regular folks, but turnabout is fair play, they will have fewer choices should they decide to tag along. Prices hover around $15 per person.

Well, there you have it. When the casino buffet line pales and your hide could use a shot of vitamin D, go outside and take a walk or a short ride to a dining destination that meets your dietary cravings and budget!