Heading to Nawleans? It’s quite a unique spot and we’ve yet to meet anyone who hasn’t loved it and for good reason. The cajun party is open to anyone, so visit these restaurants to get the most from your trip!

Name: Antoine’s Restaurant
Address: 713 Saint Louis Street

Yeah. there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard if Antoine’s, it’s only been around for 140 years. They’re known for out of this world seafood and gourmet French cuisines that you can only find here.

Name: August
Address: 301 Tchoupitoulas Street

You don’t have to wait for summertime because August is open all year long. Known for their gourmet cuisines, they’ve been attracting folks for years. While the food may be a little pricey, it’s worth it for the taste and experience, their seafood is exquisite. We suggest trying the duck, too!

Name: Willie Mae’s Scotch House
Address: 240 1st. Ann Street

Man, if you enjoy southern comfort food, you should go to Willie Mae’s first! A staple since the 1950s for locals and tourists, you’d be a nut for not stopping by.

Name: Mother’s Restaurant
Address: 401 Poydras Street

We’re going to start by saying that nobody doesn’t like Mother’s Restaurant. It’s that simple. When it comes to comfort food, they’re one of the best on not only this list but many lists. From their jambalaya shrimp bowls to their fried chicken, you’re bound to find something worth talking about.

Name: Herbsaint
Address: 701 St. Charles Avenue

Herbsaint is a gorgeous spot that does an excellent job of mixing a classy night out with the cajun feel you’ve come to expect. Some spots are better to grab a quick drink, this one is best to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere.

Name: Commander’s Palace
Address: 1403 Washington Avenue

Commander’s is a bit on the fancy side, so if you’re into that, this is your spot. Maybe the night after Herbsaint? Commander’s focuses a little more on French cuisine, so definitely give that a try if that’s your thing.

Name: Galatoires
Address: 209 Bourbon Street

If we had to describe Galatoires in one word, it would probably have to be “fresh”. We just suggest getting there on the early side because Bourbon Street is annoying, but that’s just our opinion. Their fish has some of the best breading and seasoning as we’ve had in awhile, so get something fried!

Name: Eat New Orleans
Address: 900 Dumaine Street

For some amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner, please try Eat New Orleans. As you might expect, they have a wonderful array of dishes on every menu and everything is great and for reasonable prices. Oh, and their pies are wonderful too!

Name: Irene’s
Address: 529 Bienville Street

There’s something to be said about a place with balance and you can find all the balance in the word at Irene’s. It brings the appearance of a nice pub, with the value of a classic restaurant. Apparently, it was originally a parking space.

Name: Acme Oyster House
Address: 724 Iberville Street

The fresh seafood gem of New Orleans is probably Acme Oyster House. Man, do they have fresh oysters. The establishment went from a hole in the wall in the early 1900s to a cultural icon in Louisiana. You’d be crazy not to go!

Name: Cochon Restaurant
Address: 930 Tchoupitoulas St Suite

We couldn’t get enough of Cochon because of how unique all of their dishes are. Every bite is an experience (and we know that’s a cliche) but we don’t care! Everything they make is so fun, so this is one of the top spots on this list.

Name: Jacques-Imo’s
Address: 8324 Oak Street

Ok, there’s one more really fun spot to get some great grub. From their crabmeat to their panned rabbit and their apps are out of this world. They have a solid beer list too, so that, with the artsy scene, you might infer it’s for a younger crowd. Still go.