The home of gorgeous weather and pristine beaches also hosts some of the best Mexican Food on the West Coastin cities like San Diego. Check out the best places to pig out on spicy, savory meats and unparalleled seasoned sides.

NAME: Tacos EL Gordo
LOCATION: 3265 Palm Avenue

If you were to have a dream about tacos, it would probably be similar to Tacos El Gordo (The Fat Tacos). They don’t get their name for nothing, they give you your money’s worth of delicious meats and sides and at a variety that will keep you coming back to try new tacos.

NAME: TJ Oyster Bar
LOCATION: 4246 Bonita Rd

As soon as you walk into TJ Oyster Bar, you know you made a good choice. Literally, everything they make, from their small appetizers to their unbelievable tostadas will leave you satisfied. Their fresh shrimp and oysters are our personal favorites.

NAME: Las Cuatro Milpas
LOCATION: 1857 Logan Avenue

If you’re into authentic Mexican cuisine, Las Cuatro Milpas is a MUST. While they may not be quite as flashy as their competitors, they make up for it with their dishes. Everything we’ve had has been off the charts, but if we had to choose one thing it would be the chorizo con huevos. No matter what time you get there, it’s an appropriate meal – you won’t be disappointed. Though be aware, they close at 3 pm, so make it a priority!

NAME: Galaxy Taco
LOCATION: 2259 Avenida De La Playa La Jolla

In addition to their wonderfully gourmet Mexican cuisine, the ambiance of Galaxy Taco makes it that much more fun. It gives you a feel of an energetic atmosphere, but with the calming effect of a “chill out” afternoon.

NAME: Aqui Es Texcoco
LOCATION: 520 Broadway 5&6 Chula Vista

All of the locals know of Aqui Es Texcoco and for good reason! Featured in cooking shows, magazines, and blogs, it’s difficult for the buzz not to get out. We appreciate the spin they take on Mexican barbecue, incorporating lamb in a good portion of their dishes, all of which are delightful.

NAME: Oscars Mexican Seafood
LOCATION: 703 Turquoise Street

In our opinion, it doesn’t get a whole lot more San Diego than Oscars. Their fresh tacos, burritos and tortas are the perfect affordable outdoor lunch and how convenient – they deliver on the beach! The fish is caught locally and everything off the grill is wonderful – definitely get the beach delivery!

NAME: Ponce’s
LOCATION: 4050 Adams Ave

A relatively new spot, Ponce’s offers a cool balance between authentic Mexican with modern San Diego. Their menu seems like it never ends, they have so many combinations, especially with their specialty burritos. We’re in LOVE with their Baja shrimp burrito.

NAME: Lucha Libre Taco Shop
LOCATION: 1810 W.Washington Street

This lucha libre-inspired spot has as much personality as it has flavor. We’re big on their “full nelson enchiladas” and “knockout fries”. While this is more of a “takeout” place, we suggest paying it a visit, especially if you’re on your way to the beach.

NAME: La Puerta
LOCATION: 560 4th Avenue

Some of the places on this list are best for lunch or on the way to the beach, La Puerta is better for dinner at night. Their entrees are more on the gourmet side and their happy hour deals are solid.

NAME: Casa Guadalajara
LOCATION: 4105 Taylor Street

We can always appreciate a colorful, energetic plat like Case Guadalajara. If you want a plate, this might be the best and most authentic on the list. The spices and seasonings are unique and the flavors are very present.