As many places as there are to eat in New York City, they aren’t all good and they aren’t all affordable. For anyone that wants a taste of the big apple without burning a huge hole in your pocket, visit these hot spots!

NAME: The Halal Guys
LOCATION: West 53rd St & 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019

So a known fact about us… we’re big halal people and the halal guys is considered to be something of a pioneer for the craft, at least in the New York City area. The cash-only food truck provides consistently delicious lamb/chicken combos and gyros (at amazing portions) to people every day. If you’re a fan of halal, you simply cannot pass up the opportunity (we don’t when we’re in the area).

NAME: Katz’ Deli
LOCATION: 205 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

Probably the most famous place on our list, Katz’ went mainstream after “When Harry Met Sally”, but this wasn’t by chance. Arguably the best place in THE WORLD to get a pastrami sandwich, Katz’ has sold millions of meals over the years. It’s like $20 but will be more than one meal for most. If you love HUGE sandwiches filled with juicy meat, this is your place (just prepare yourself for very, very long lines). We assure you, it’s worth it!

NAME: Bognan
LOCATION: 590 E 169th St Bronx, NY 10456

Togolese food might not be the most “mainstream” cuisine in the big city, but it’s such a wonderful way to mix it up, especially from Bognan. They have great platters that range from rice to curry-like bowls with eggs and we’re such big fans because you get your money’s worth, plus it’s very nutritious.

NAME: El Rancho Burritos
LOCATION: 359 W 45th St New York, NY 10001

I call El Rancho the Halal Guys of Mexican food. You get excellent portion sizes and the veggies always taste so fresh and go so well with their juicy meats (I always get chorizo and steak). We’re into El Rancho because of how rich their food is without giving you that “bloated” feeling that makes you regret what you ate… which we feel is far too common at Mexican places.

NAME: Bravo African Restaurant
LOCATION: 1473 Westchester Ave Bronx, NY 10472

Lesser-known fact in New York – African food is awesome, especially with a group of friends. The shareable foods are great, usually with a base of lamb curry with pita that you can dip with a variety of meats, spices, and veggies.

NAME: Cevabdzinica Sarajevo
LOCATION: 37-18 34th Ave Long Island City, NY 11101

If you’re in the mood for delicious sausages, we found the place for you (or anyone else). The restaurant was founded during the Bosnian War, adding to its interesting history. It’s known mostly for its red pepper paste and juicy meats that make for a sweet and savory combination.

NAME: Ciao Bella Napoli
LOCATION: 257 7th Ave New York, NY 10001

You can find carb heaven at Ciao Bella Napoli. Everything they prepare is delicious (our favorite being their penne ala vodka), but as we’ve said, you can’t really go wrong with anything. You can generous portion sizes (usually leftovers). Another note… their meatballs don’t have that weird aftertaste that many other places’ have, so that’s another really solid choice here.

NAME: Famous Fish Market
LOCATION: 684 St Nicholas Ave New York, NY 10030

We have two words, ladies and gentlemen – fish sandwiches! It’s the freshest fish in the city and as consistent as they come, in terms of quality. The variety of concoctions they make sure you’ll never get tired of anything. They’re also open until midnight, so this place is just a gem.

NAME: Butcher Block
LOCATION: 43-46 41st St Sunnyside, NY 11104

Oh the meats at this place! If you’re a fan of corned beef, this is the spot for you. Though to be honest, all of their sandwiches are amazing and they’re only like $7. The old fashion ambiance really does it for us too!

NAME: Bombay’s
LOCATION: 2455, 60 Pearl St New York, NY 10004

Right in New Amsterdam, you can enjoy some unique Dutch food that really gives you a taste for more. The food is really interesting with crazy combinations (all perfectly spiced) that will straight up make your mouth water.

NAME: Knish Nosh Knishes & Franks
LOCATION: 98-104 Queens Blvd Rego Park, NY 11374

Everybody loves a nice treat! This is a great Jewish bakery with some of the best, doughy knishes in the city and at a fair price. The lines can be long at certain times of day, but it’s worth it. You can also stop by for lunch and get one of their massive hot dogs made with special buns. I’m not a big hot dog person, but from here, I usually can’t resist.

NAME: La Cabana Salvadorena
LOCATION: 4384 Broadway New York, NY 10040

We’re all-in on La Cabana Salvadorena! Not only is the food delicious, but the ambiance of the scene is so genuine and makes you feel like you’re in Central America. You can never go wrong with ANY of their combo platters (we’re also big on their empanadas) and like everything else on the list, you can get it at a great value.

NAME: Cascade Jerk
LOCATION: 119-02 Sutphin Blvd Jamaica, NY 11434

For some of the best Carribean food in the big apple. Cascade jerk is your destination. The pork and chicken is to die for and you HAVE to get their mac and cheese! The establishment is pretty new and spacious, so pay it a visit.

NAME: Jireh
LOCATION: 8715 18th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11214

Jireh is weird because the food culture is somewhere in between Mexican and Guatemalan and while confusing, does not hurt how delicious the food is. The dishes are unique and for $10 you can get a nice plate of something you may have never had before.