We’ve done it for other major parts of the country, so we felt it would only be right to highlight some of the great brew sources in Texas! With the awesome variety, Texas has some great beers to talk about and breweries to visit. Pop open a brewski and add these breweries to your itinerary for the next time you visit Texas.

Jester King Brewing

Location: Austin, Texas
Favorite Beer: Noble King

Arguably the best place Texas tasting room for strong, aged beer. Then there’s the kitchen, and oh my is it tasty. They’re known for their variety of personal pizzas that vary from meaty to sweet and we condone all that we’ve tried, which was only a few. Bottom line, this is a solid place to visit for a fun afternoon.

Southern Star Brewing

Location: Conroe, Texas
Favorite Beer: Conspiracy Theory IPA

Southern Star is a great place to try a nice variety of beers. We’re particularly fond of their IPAs, which seems to really stand out from the crows. Their brewery tours are limited to Saturdays from 2-4pm, but their taproom is open every day but Mondays and Tuesdays. Like many modern taprooms, it’s a decent size with the fun atmosphere you would expect to complement the awesome beer they brew. Fortunately, it doesn’t get crazy crowded (all the time), so it usually makes for a pretty chill occasion.

Lakewood Brewing Company

Location: Garland, Texas
Favorite Beer: Grim Shearer

Lakewood offers more than just good beer, they present that fun Texas vibe which makes them a little different. We like that. They do brewery tours during Saturday afternoons, but most go for the tap rooms. There are two that are open 7 days per week.

Big Bend Brewery

Location: Alpine, Texas
Favorite Beer: La Frontera

We thought Big Bend presented a unique twist to the typical brewery experience. They have fun for the whole family and even allow dogs outside, which only makes things feel more inclusive. At the end of the day, you have groups getting to know each other which basically makes the whole thing a more pleasant social gathering which is refreshing. Speaking of refreshing, their beer isn’t too bad either, and that’s what got them on this list!

Shannon Brewing Company

Location: Keller, Texas
Favorite Beer: Shannon Love ‘n Haze IPA

We are big fans of Shannon’s IPAs and Stouts (not to discount the rest of their beers). They offer a pretty wide variety of beers in the tap room and also allow for kids and (good) dogs. Their taproom/beer garden is open every day but Monday and Tuesday, so we recommend giving them a shot.

Live Oak Brewing Company

Location: Austin, Texas
Favorite Beer: Live Oak Primus Weizenbock

So here’s the thing, for whatever reason Live Oak doesn’t allow tours of their brewery. We know, lame, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit their taproom! This is much more inclusive, allowing children and pets. The location also couldn’t be much better, just a few miles from the Austin International Airport.

Real Ale Brewing Company

Location: Blanco, Texas
Favorite Beer: Axis IPA

Looking for a fun tour? Real Ale can offer it to you. As a matter of fact, the tours are free on Fridays and Saturdays. The catch is you’re going to end up buying a bunch of beers. We were ok with that! Most of the action is outside in their hangout area. They have a great selection of seasonal beers, our personal favorites are their coffee porter, which is an exceptional winter beer. Preferably as the last beer of the night, kind of like a nightcap.

Revolver Brewing

Location: Granbury, Texas
Favorite Beer: Mullet Cutter

Get ready because Freetail Brewing gives their tours from 12-3pm PROMPT! Tour lasts for an hour or so, then there’s food available and lots of fun to be had outside by the picnic tables. Revolver has all the variety for those with interests that transcends beer. I mean, come on it can’t transcend THAT MUCH but we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. This includes outdoor games, live music, and parties.

Freetail Brewing Co.

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Favorite Beer: Soul Doubt IPA

Freetail is a really fun, energetic kind of brewery. Then there’s the brewpub which has a similar vibe that just makes the experience a little more fun. They also have weekly and daily specials and a shop full of awesome merch! Our favorites are the growler discounts because for whatever reason many breweries have a thing about not selling beer for the road. Some of us like to savor the goods, but whatever.

Four Corners Brewing Company

Location: Dallas, Texas
Favorite Beer: Notorious O.A.T.

The brewery is fun and all, but you know what helped Four Corners make the list? The BEER! They have a wide variety and a good portion of the year-round brews are available on tap at their taproom! They also offer free brewery tours, and have plenty of space for additional activities. But all in all, go for the beer, it’s really really good!