Tennessee (especially Nashville) is becoming increasingly known for its music and arts scene. With young artists pouring in, you probably know what that means! Great breweries opening up and that’s exactly what happened. The land of whiskey has a new beverage to consider. Check out the top Teneesee breweries here.

NAME: The Tennessee Brewery
FAVORITE BEER: Pearl of Memphis

The Tennessee Brewery is filled with history that represents the art and culture of Memphis. Most of the establishment are actually made up of apartments. There are taprooms that feature their latest beer. We recommend this more for the unique experience.

NAME: Southern Grist Brewing Company
LOCATION: Nashville
FAVORITE BEER: There Gose Train

You can have a lot of fun at the Southern Grist Brewing Company. Both of their taprooms are a bit more modern, equipped with great food and plenty of space for friends. The staff is all about fun, so it’s a pretty cool experience here.

NAME: Crafty Bastard Brewery
LOCATION: Knoxville

Considered more of a hangout spot, Crafty Bastard Brewery isn’t really known for tours or anything. Hang here for a couple of hours for the full experience.

NAME: Tennessee Brew Works
LOCATION: Nashville
FAVORITE BEER: Secret City Imperial IPA

Not to play favorites, but Brew Works might be at the top of our list (we just haven’t decided yet). The one word that comes to mind when we hear their name is quality. Their beer is delicious and where the taproom lacks in energy (which isn’t by much), it more than makes up for in taste and consistency across all their beers.

NAME: Depot Street Brewing
LOCATION: Jonesborough
FAVORITE BEER: Necronomicon Ex-Mortis

Talk about a brewery that invests in their blends… you can find some really unique (and interesting) beers over at Depot Street Brewing. The brewery itself is on the smaller side, but the staff is really nice, and they offer tours and such. The taproom is as great as their beers, since that’s what they serve. This is kind of a must for connoisseurs.

NAME: Fanatic Brewing Company
LOCATION: Knoxville

As with many other artisan breweries, the Fanatics do this simply. It’s all about the product and in this case, they’ve got something great in their corner. Visit them for the array of blends, from pale ales, to sours and stouts they have quality batches of them all!

NAME: Jackalope Brewing Company
LOCATION: Nashville

There’s something to be said about a brewery with personality and that’s just what you get with Jackalope Brewing. You just know the staff is like a family and it shows when you see the work they put in. They might not have the most extensive selection of brews, but all are of a high quality and when it comes down to it, you can never go wrong with one as a choice. They do tours for both of their sites on Friday and Saturday afternoons.

NAME: Geezers Brewing Co
LOCATION: Knoxville
FAVORITE BEER: Geezer Scotch Ale

Great beer and a nice crowd. What more could you want? Geezers Brewing has a fun place that features cool games with occasion giveaways. It’s the little things that keep fans coming back. This is a must-visit.

NAME: Cool Springs Brewery
LOCATION: Franklin

Cool Springs is more of a hangout spot. It’s a great sports bar substitute, with plenty of space to hang out. Fully equipped with a buffet, you can have lunch and drinks, no need to go anywhere else!

NAME: Tennessee Valley Brewing Company
LOCATION: Clarksville

Tennessee Valley Brewing Co is your favorite sports bar and an awesome brewery all in one! They ave live music and food trucks on-site often and are great for catching college football (or the Titans, if you’re into that). But best of all, they have like 20+ beers on tap at a time!